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Community Service

Volunteers from Case Western Reserve University performing landscaping work in Cleveland.

Community Service

At Case Western Reserve, our students stand to gain as much as they give when engaging in service.

CWRU offers various avenues through which students can support the community, while building their own strengths as scholars and citizens. By volunteering, students:

  • Enhance their own educations by tutoring children and adults
  • Improve their skills by providing needed health care in underserved areas locally and around the world
  • Develop civic awareness by witnessing and confronting the obstacles faced by disadvantaged communities and victims of natural disasters  
  • Become more active citizens, leaders and critical thinkers by identifying areas of need and implementing solutions to eradicate inequality

A dedicated office for community engagement helps students find opportunities that meet their goals and their time commitments—from the occasional volunteer to significant internship-like commitments, complete with stipends and specialized training in social and community issues. 

Opportunities to perform service abroad, often for course credit, are popular choices, and include short-term trips during academic breaks.