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CWRU student takes in the sights on a bridge over a canal during a study abroad trip

Study Abroad

Even when you’re studying in one of the nation’s most culturally dense square miles, the value of international experience cannot be overstated.
Education abroad helps students develop confidence and maturity as they gain an appreciation for other cultures. Not to mention that it makes compelling subject matter for grad school applications and job interviews. What's more, studies link study abroad to improved graduate school admission rates and increased starting salaries.

More than 70 opportunities abroad are available to Case Western Reserve undergraduates. Programs range from a week to a year, making it easy for CWRU students of all majors to pack their bags and reap the full benefits of international experience.

And they do so with gusto. About 45 percent of Case Western Reserve University students study abroad—more than three times the national average—with opportunities in:

  • Service learning experiences
  • Internships, practica, co-op, research
  • Foreign language immersion