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Origins Sciences

Origins Sciences

New major in origins sciences

Applicants to CWRU have the opportunity to choose a new, interdisciplinary major that will set them apart in the career market and on their medical school or graduate school applications: origins sciences.

In cooperation with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the origins sciences major is the first of its kind in the country, allowing students to concentrate in areas like:

  • Integrative biology
  • Paleoanthropology
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Behavioral entomology
  • Ichnology
  • Radiometric dating methodology
  • Dinosaur paleobiology
  • Cosmology
  • Astrobiology

Coursework spans a science core consisting of foundational courses in biology, chemistry, physics and math and an origins core, which immerses students in the origins sciences, engages them through mathematical modeling and takes them to the cutting-edge of origins research. Students will choose from a variety of topical courses, including exoplanets, galactic modeling, origin of consciousness, forensic anthropology and similar topics.

The interdisciplinary nature of the major allows students to engage with a number of leading scholars in origins sciences, including faculty across all Case Western Reserve’s origins-related science departments, including those from the schools of medicine and dental medicine, as well as curators at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 

Graduates will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Origins Sciences and will be equally well-equipped to apply for medical school, law school and other areas of advanced education or to begin their careers in areas such as science writing, business and more.