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Case Western Reserve’s rigorous classes, intensive mentoring and research opportunities will prepare you to be accepted into a top-notch law school after you graduate from college. Being a pre-law student in Cleveland gives our students an extra advantage, as the city is home to one of the nation’s top legal and business centers; the site of four of the nation’s top fifty law firms; and ranks fourth in the nation for the number of Fortune 500 company headquarters.

Learn from experts

A number of undergraduate faculty at Case Western Reserve also teach in the School of Law. Faculty in the Department of History, Department of Sociology, Department of English, as well as others, teach in both places all the time. So as an undergraduate, you can take courses from faculty who know law school from the inside.

The small size of classes in the College of Arts and Sciences, especially in the humanities and social sciences, means that the professors and advisers who write your letters of recommendation when you apply to law school really know you well and can write strong letters that distinguish you from the pack of applicants nationwide.

Undergraduate students routinely take law school courses as upper-­division electives, which can give you a taste of a top-ranked law school before your undergraduate years are over.

Real results

Case Western Reserve pre-law students enroll in some of the country’s top law schools, including:

  • University of Virginia 
  • Columbia 
  • NYU 
  • Yale 
  • William & Mary 
  • Ohio State 
  • Nevada­ Las Vegas